Straus Systems Maintains Safety Standards

Straus has always maintained strict safety standards. It has been a consistent aspect of our company philosophy even before safety became a highly visible issue in heavy industrial plants. Our employees believe this to be an added benefit of their employment at Straus. Also it is a main reason why we are approved to work in so many plants and with so many companies that put heavy emphasis on safety.

Our Excellent Safety Record

We were recently honored by the Mechanical Contractors Association of America for being one of the safest contractors within their organization over recent years. In addition, the Houston Business Roundtable has recognized us for customer satisfaction awards for each of the last five years, which is the length of time this award program has been in existence. One of the key factors in winning this recognition is safety exhibited within the customer’s facilities.

Our Experience Modification Rate (EMR) has always been low — which by industry standards is excellent and reflects a history of safe operations. This EMR is a number that is used by the insurance industry to adjust company paid premiums. The lower the EMR, the lower the rates. Our low modifier and the resulting savings in workmen’s compensation insurance costs result in savings that are passed along to our customers.