Commercial HVAC Construction in Houston Texas

HVAC Construction

The Construction Division handles the design, procurement, fabrication, installations and startup of all sizes of HVAC systems.

Construction Division is responsible for:

  • Design and Build contracts
  • Design, procurement, fabrication, installation, and in most cases, the start-up of HVAC systems that are considered as new
  • Renovation or modification of HVAC systems that are already in place
  • Management of project related work that is generated by the Service Division
  • Value engineering that is frequently needed to reduce project costs or enhance the operation of the system
  • Interior build-out associated with building modifications to meet tenant needs


We at Straus are particularly proud of our fabrication shops. These shops fabricate the sheet metal ductwork that is needed for our projects. This is particularly important because it allows us to more closely control the schedule and quality of each project. This differentiates us from our competitors since we have the capability to fabricate our own ductwork and do not need to buy from outside sources.

Duct Shop

Straus’ duct shop has the capability to fabricate sheet metal, light plate and structural components for a wide variety of applications. The shop staff has experience in the fabrication of products from most metals, but with heavy emphasis on carbon steel, stainless steel, galvanized steel, and aluminum. The major activity for the duct shop is to produce sheet metal ductwork for Straus and other companies who install HVAC systems. In addition to the aforementioned subjects, we have also developed valuable experience with abrasive resistant liners and fiberglass (FRP) ductwork.

Weld Shop

Straus’ weld shop, while under the same roof, is separate from the duct shop. The weld shop’s main focus is the fabrication of special types of ductwork for industrial applications. The company has been involved with this activity for many years due to customer needs in the heavy industrial marketplace on the Houston Ship Channel and in the Texas City area. The weld shop provides products that are specially designed for applications that are not large enough or heavy enough to be placed in large vessel fabrication or pipe fabrication shops. The weld shop can handle almost all materials of construction and can easily shape and weld thicknesses up to 1/4″.

Sheet Metal Services

Sheet Metal fabrication is provided with no reasonable limit as to the size or type of alloy required. We have crews available to erect the fabricated sheet metal in the field regardless of end destination. This capability has been particularly attractive to our customers since so many desire a “turnkey project”.

Interiors and Renovation Department

This department is a part of the Construction Division. The department focuses on the unique needs of Architects, Engineers, Lessors, and Lessees in commercial and institutional spaces. This is a specialized area of work that requires a “soft touch.” Speed, Neatness, Communication and Organization are the by-words in this part of the industry. Straus addresses these needs by having teams in place that focus exclusively on this work. These teams are well trained and are particularly sensitive to the requirements of the work.

Specifically we refer to:

  • The ability to provide staff and equipment resources to perform “Fast track” projects.
  • The need to be extremely quiet while performing work in occupied spaces.
  • The need to be extremely clean while performing work in all occupied spaces, particularly in medical facilities.
  • The flexibility to perform the work at night or on the weekends to avoid work interruptions on the part of the occupants.
  • The ability to work in confined spaces.
  • The unique knowledge and experience to modify existing HVAC systems to accommodate the new installations.
  • The experience to upgrade existing HVAC control systems to the more modern “Building Management Systems”.
  • The ability to effectively work a number of jobs simultaneously to keep the costs down for clients and Straus.