Commercial HVAC Duct Fabrication in Houston Texas

Engineered Products

Over the years, Straus has developed the capability to fabricate sheet metals into various shapes and configurations for a wide variety of applications. This area of our business evolved because we have a very impressive shop and we have so many customers in the Oil Refineries and Chemical Plants in the area that have need for these types of products. Coupled with that, we have excellent engineering expertise and experience that enables us to assist the customers in the design aspects as well as the selection of the proper materials of construction.

It has always been difficult for plants to locate companies that could do high quality work and provide products that could meet their special requirements. In addition to fabrication of the products, we were always able to go to the field, install these products and do it safely.

Initially we considered this a “niche business” but over the years it has grown considerably. Several years ago we chose to establish the group as a separate division with staff, equipment, and financial resources to support ongoing business. It continues to grow!

The family of products Straus provides from this division are as follows:

  • Process Ductwork
  • Dust Collection Ductwork
  • Industrial Ventilation Ductwork
  • Ductwork for Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) projects
  • Ductwork for Air Moving Systems
  • Hoppers, Chutes, and special shapes for industrial applications